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Yacht Seduction

30 July 2015

Ok, as promised, here is the 2nd installment of my blog on Yachts. I’m going to delve into what makes yachts and the lifestyle so seductive. But first lets get into why yachts, and ships are always referred to as she, on the feminine side of things.

Now as most of you know that have followed the show I’m in on Bravo, Below Decks, I am not the most politically correct person on the planet, so if I offend anyone, well, what can I say, its not intentional so don’t take it that way.

All throughout the age’s, mariners have been married to the sea. We see it in the movies, and read about it in books. Deadliest Catch, Perfect Storm are two examples, men going to sea, leaving everything behind because simply, it’s what they do, their passion. Oh we could get all complicated about it, but truth is they are married to the sea and one who has never experienced it simply wouldn’t understand. So they forsake their home and their families to go to sea to provide for their families. As a compliment to the woman they loved they named their sailing vessels after them, telling them that it would remind them of the ones they left behind for the months and sometimes years they have would be gone. Back in days gone by that was the way it was. The ships were way more than just a way to make a living. Even when ships stopped being given feminine names they were still referred to as ‘she’, but basically this analogy was due to a captain’s love for his ship. “She’s a fine ship, Captain” etc. I don’t know, it just seems to me that something that you really consider beautiful, just has to be a women. Must be the old school sailor coming out it in me. If a Captain, after serving on a vessel for some time, tells you he does not have affection for her, I think he’s lying to you or to himself, or should, maybe, find another line of work. It truly is a labor of love for me. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now on to what makes this lifestyle so seductive, rewarding and hard to quit. Let me see, where to begin. You really need to be in love with the ocean to do this work. Sunsets can never get old; sunrises just mean the start of a new adventure.

You get out there, days on end, getting your ass kicked by bad weather, just to get her from point a to point b, and at the end of it, you shrug it off saying, “Hell that wasn’t so bad”. You rub shoulders with some of the most powerful, influential people in the world, movie stars, rock stars, giants of business and you find that they are not that much different than you and everyone else in this world. Plus you both have one thing that you share, and that is your love of Yachting and the sea. What other profession gives you that experience, not many and it never gets old.

You are entrusted with a multi million-dollar business to run, hire, fire, manage, all to please maybe only one individual. You have an enormous responsibility. What a great opportunity for you to show what you can do. You are in the inner circle of a world that only maybe a select few ever get exposed to. There are only 5-7 thousand super yachts in the world. Check out the last census, you are in a select group, like it or not. Not everyone in the world can do your job. And to me that is something that you should take pride in.

You travel to the far corners of the world and see places that you only read about in geography class, never dreaming that you would someday take a super yacht, worth millions, to those same locations. People, depend on you to get them wherever they are going safely. You are responsible for them and everyone else on board. What is not to like. Well, its not all roses all the time, you are away from home and your loved ones for extended periods of time. You miss most of the good stuff, Christmas, Thanksgiving and most of the good holidays. You miss a lot of ball games with friends or family, 4th of July BBQ’s and all those things that go with being a 9-5’er. But you can’t help yourself, you, my friend, are a white boat Captain, its what you do. You find yourself out to sea; dealing with some weather situations, people problems, mechanical issues that will test your mettle and make you doubt your decision to become a white boat Captain. But even that doesn’t last long enough to make you want to change, it’s in your blood and you are happiest doing what you love. But then again, isn’t everyone? Till next time.