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29 July 2015

Ok, lets get this started. This is my new web site and the people who designed and have been an immense help to me with it, feel that I should write a blog or two, or four. They have told me to write about subjects that I know a lot about. These blogs could get brief about now and it certainly narrows down the field. But at any rate, I have decided to give it a whirl. I have come to the conclusion that the fields that I know most about are Yachts, Food, (having owned a few restaurants), Travel, and last, but quite possibly the one I will enjoy writing about most, Things That Piss Me Off or, as if the world needed another acronym, TTPMO.

I’m quite sure that this category will humor some people, make some people laugh, make some people mad, and I hope, make some people think, preferably about other people first. Not enough of that in this world today. I will try to incorporate some photos in most of the segments if possible, if not you may have to use your imaginations, hey, you can do the visuals. The Yacht blog will be mostly about boats, my experiences with them, the crew who work on them, the owners who walk on water and the Capt.’s who think they do. We may even include the dock masters of some ports of call that have made an impression, good or not, on me during my stay at their establishment. Of course I won’t mention names, for obvious reasons. This blog will simply reflect my opinions, observations, and conclusions about my own experiences. We may include some people in my past that have had an impact on me, the good and the bad, and the lessons that I have learned, some easy, and some, not so much.

The Food blog will cover a multitude of things. Having owned, wholly or partially, 10 restaurants in the past, some successful, and some not so much, does give me some credibility on this subject. My experiences with my own restaurants are something I will write about as well as my own dinning experiences on yachts, restaurants, or private functions. Now I personally do consider eating, not so much a necessity, but as a fun activity. We always do it, in groups, alone, with another couple, on a date, its something we do, not only because we have to, but it’s a social event that we can either enjoy or not, depending on what we consume, how its prepared, how its served, and the quality of service we receive, or not. All of this will be covered in this blog in some form or other.

The travel segment is going to cover everywhere I have been. I am not the most traveled person, but I have done my share, and have used some various and interesting modes of transportation in doing so. Not always conventional. I have also have had the pleasure of some interesting travel companions, some of which I chose and some I did not, which of the two, the latter made for some interesting travel times between point a and b. I will be covering the journey, the people I have encountered along the way and the impact or lack there of, on the journey. As long as I keep traveling, we should have some fun along the way.

Now for the one I hope you find amusing, or not, but at least thought provoking, if only for a bit. Things that Piss Me Off will cover probably all of my favorite peeves. I’m sure that some will seem trivial, but we all have those don’t we, and some may be monumental, if only in my own mind and since it’s my blog and my peeve, well you get the picture. Everyone has things that fall into this category that just aggravates them to no end, and I’m going to use this forum to vent, get it all out and maybe some good will come of it. I doubt it. But, it might only make me feel better. There will be not much PC going on in this category, but I assure you there will be no maliciousness either, not my style. I’m not saying that something I post will not offend some one, but if that happens, I’m apologizing in advance for it, but it will not be intentional. Now, that being said, there are some people and some things that I am going to go after, because it needs to be done, at least in my mind it does.

That will indeed be intentional. Some of the other categories may bleed over intothis segment, because I may be really pissed about a restaurant, a boating experience, or something happened on one of my travels that really ticked me off.

So, you get the idea. So if we cross some lines or they become “blurred”, lets just say I couldn’t help myself.

In parting I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I hope to enjoy writing this. I’ve never undertaken anything like this before, so if I stumble, bear with me please, if you enjoy it, let me know, or if you don’t let me know that as well. If you have a different opinion, that’s good. Its why there are menus in restaurants, were all different, doesn’t make you wrong, just different. No fault there. So lets get on.