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Below Deck S5 Episode #4

2 October 2017

Right when I thought that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, my Uncle Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) shows up again. I was really hoping that the crew would have progressed a bit further than they have. Kate and Nico really have their hands full this season, and I’m not sure everyone will survive until the end.

Nico, I totally get what you’re having to deal with: the personal issues and the work issues, and I do sympathize with you. You can show them how you want things done, show them how to tie knots and how to cleat off a line, but you can’t make them learn it or retain it. That is something they have to do themselves, and they should want to. I’m seeing a glimmer of hope from some of your crew, but others not so much. I have to shoulder part of the blame for the dent we put in the boat. I should have gone with my first instinct to not let them handle the lines because I wasn’t really confident that they could handle the task. I really wanted to be wrong. I know you’re trying to do your best, and it shows and I appreciate it. You just don’t have much to work with, and some of them could do without the lousy attitude. Time will tell. Stay the course, sir, I’m with you.

Baker, I’m still pleased with you, but you definitely let one slide by not catching that spring line. That being said, you are putting forth a real effort to improve and it shows. Your attitude shows me that I can work with anytime. Love the upbeat, positive vibe you give off. That mistake won’t keep you down at all and you weren’t the only one there. I’ll save him for later. Keep it up.

Bruno, right when you take one steps forward, you take two steps back. I see the good effort you are putting forward to work hard and learn. But when you are the late guy, and the chief stew —who by the way outranks you, asks for a favor, it is definitely not your place to give her grief because you’re tired. Would you have done that if I had asked you? I think not. If you did, it would have been the last request you ever said no to on this boat. Everyone is tired, it’s what we do, part of our job description. If you’re not tired most of the time on charter, odds are you’re not doing your job well. I didn’t like it when you decided to talk to Nico about it —like he doesn’t have enough problems without you whining to him about being asked to help.

Here’s the deal, Bruno: if you’re going to complain to your boss, give him the straight truth, not what you perceived was going on. What I saw transpire with you and Kate, didn’t exactly jive with what you told Nico. She asked you to come and spend maybe ten minutes with the guests, do a little dancing, then leave, and you said you were too tired, but somehow that got left out of the conversation with Nico. Hm. Let’s see where we go from here.

Jen, Jen, Jen… I’m never drunk, so I’m not sure I’m buying what you are selling. I have seen one night out that didn’t end well for you and then a subsequent night out that ended with you having to be helped to your bunk. Then you spend the rest of it searching for someone to vent to. O.K., I think you are hilarious and I love your bubbly personality, but get a grip. We live and work in the real world, so suck it up, cupcake. The wine key is there, where you left it the last time, along with the bottle opener. Nobody hid it from you. Yes, you are the low person on the totem pole, but whether you stay there is up to you. I have a blank piece of paper in my wheelhouse with what you are entitled to. Blank, get the picture?

We serve at the pleasure of our owner and guests. I know that you are in an environment that is out of your comfort zone, I get it, but it is what it is, and we have to find a way to make it work. I think you will be fine, at least that is my hope because I like you.

Kate, I’m still amazed that you didn’t fall in the drink when Bruno failed to pull the tender in close enough and hold it there so you could get on. Not giving kudos either to the First Mate that wouldn’t get his big ass out of the way. Setting that aside, did you see how fast Jen got out of the stall when you said you were leaving her? Wow, fear does motivate. One thing that struck me was you giving advice to Jesus. I thought I heard you say “I’m going to teach you something.” I am so impressed by that. Best line of the night for me. I was equally impressed with your “walk of shame.” I thought you handled it quite well and took the ribbing from the crew in stride, as you should have. We have all been there, even me, in a previous life of course.

I watched the conversation between you and Bruno and tried to match what happened with what he told Nico. I was truly amazed at the disparity of it. I thought you had a good week, considering what we were dealing with, and when caught with the walk of shame, well done. For those of you who sit out there and say I’m partial, you’re right: I am to those who do their jobs, do it well, and own to their mistakes.

Moving along to Bri. Girl, I think that you have progressed very well. I am impressed with your attitude and your work ethic. It is remarkable to witness in a young person. Kudos. The way you dealt with Chris was refreshing to see. He needed to hear that, and you delivered your message with class and dignity. Well done. I’m sticking with my previous assessment of you. Very bright future ahead.

Matt. What can I say? The guests are all happy, and you are a big part of that. I would really love to see what you can do when you cut yourself loose and get out of your comfort zone. I will just bet that there are some talents waiting to shine. You get on well with everyone, and the guests love what you’re serving. Keep it up, but don’t be afraid to push the envelope a bit. I have a hunch that you’re concealing a wild side that is itching to get out.

And that leaves us with Chris. Just when I think you couldn’t surprise me any more than you have, you amaze me. You were standing next to Baker, and bore no responsibility for the incident. Amazing. Let’s look at this: everyone knows that when I say bow that’s the pointy end of the boat. To stern, that’s the square end. Everyone also knows that the lines should come off in that order. One right after the other, right? So you stand there, along with Baker, watch the dockhand skip a line and say nothing. Did you think we could leave the dock without releasing that line? Who knows? And then, after things went south, you had nothing to do with it, wasn’t your fault! So I decide to let you do an anchor watch that we didn’t need to do so I could, I don’t know, maybe get your attention as to what you should be doing, and you decided to give me advice on how to do my job, not once but twice. You need to do a bit of reflection on your priorities, sir, and I would suggest you do it in a timely fashion.

So, I’m back after some weeks, dealing with the storms that have come our way. We’re all in pretty good shape, some much better than others, but we’re all pulling together to get back to where we were.

Thanks to all for your understanding and support. It is appreciated beyond belief and I personally cannot thank you enough for Mary Anne, and myself. We’re very touched by the outpouring of support ‘Til next time, fair winds and following seas to you all.