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Capt’s Rules of Partying

28 March 2016

Ok, I know, it’s been too long and I have been remiss in my writing duties, and I am offering no excuses for it, so here is my Mea Culpa. Now lets get this party started and this one is about parties.

We have all sorts of parties and a lot of things revolving around parties just rankle me to no end. Lets start with our political parties and some of the rude behavior that has been displayed lately. I usually make a practice of not writing about politics but this year I really can’t stay out of it because both parties and some of the people who support either of them just don’t get it and or don’t care to. I consider myself an independent, and proudly vote for whomever I feel can do the best job for our citizens of our great nation. That being said, why is it if you vocalize your support for one person or another for public office, or for some initiative, there is always someone who is more that willing to suggest that you are a terrible person who should be caned, rot in hell, question your intelligence, or worse, because of your views or opinions. When did we stop being respectful of differing opinions, just because they don’t fall into line with our own? Just because you and I share different ideologies does not make you or I the devil in disguise. It just makes us different, not bad, just different. It’s why we have menus in restaurants, because were all have different likes and dislikes. Duh???????

When did we stop being polite and considerate of the opinions of other people? Isn’t that what our founding fathers preached and for the most part practiced. And people of both parties are guilty as hell of doing this as is evident on every news channel that you watch. So please, when you find yourself in a conversation about politics, listen with an open mind, and I mean really listen. Don’t just use the time when the other person is speaking to try and formulate your own opposing response. Really listen to what they have to say, and then give it some thought before you go off on a tirade of how you can’t believe they have lived this long being so stupid. Be considerate and kind, it costs you nothing and you will feel better for behaving this way. And you will find yourself becoming a better person for it. We can all disagree in a civil manner without insulting the other person or his/her intelligence.

Ok, I’m off that soapbox, now on to social parties or events. I try to make it a practice to only attend events or parties that I want to or, really like the people who invited me or will be attending the party. The exceptions to that rule for me are, charity events. I’m all in for those. I am not in favor nor do I intend to go to an event because it may elevate my social status. I don’t really care for that sort of party.

Why would anyone do that? I thought the idea of going to a party was to have fun. When did parties become more about who’s attending than having fun. If you are attending a party with people you don’t really like, and are having conversations you find boring, or with people you don’t know, nor care to, or have anything in common with, what in the world are you doing there?

Now there are exceptions to every rule. When the boss invites you to his party, you should probably attend. You may not like everyone there but your boss deserves some respect, (if he doesn’t have your respect you shouldn’t be working with him), and obviously he likes you and values you or I don’t think he would extend the invitation. And there are other circumstances where you may be required to, or it may be advantageous to your career or to family harmony to attend some functions. These might include family gatherings, weddings, family reunions, graduations, in-law events, and even holiday parties. If, you can do so without compromising your integrity, why not? It just might broaden your horizons and you may meet some new personalities that you really enjoy. So every now and then go out on a limb, take a chance, be adventurous. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Now, just a word of caution, about office Christmas parties. One and done is my motto. By that I mean one drink and cut yourself off. All too often, the tongue gets loose before the brain catches up, and keep in mind that this is your place of work. Many careers have been cut short because of questionable behavior at office Christmas parties. Just saying.

Charity parties are my favorites, because you are there with people who love to give, of themselves, their time, and their money, to something that will benefit someone else. Why, when given the opportunity to do something for others and have some fun doing it, would you choose not to attend? Plus they are always, in my opinion, a lot of fun. Because giving of yourself for the benefit of others really is fun. Oh yeah, that’s what parties are supposed to be. Please be generous, if not with your money, than with your time. You will not regret it ever.

So on that note, I’m outta here and until next time, and I promise it won’t be so long this time. Fair winds and following seas to you all and take care of each other and above all, have fun.