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Calling The Cable Company

22 October 2015

Ok, sorry for having been gone so long, no excuse, but I’m here now so lets get started.

So for todays TTPMO rant, I am going to single out Cable companies, phone companies, and anyone else that uses an automated phone system to handle consumer complaints. These are the same companies that utilize a billing system that only Einstein could understand.

So lets delve into what has pissed me off this time. Ok, I have just ordered a brand new operating system for my TV and cable system. Great, it promises things I have never dreamed of and so I order the new equipment. This is on Thursday. So I receive confirmation that my new equipment has been shipped. Now here it is Saturday, and the wife and I are sitting on the sofa watching TV and I’m on my laptop, answering some emails, getting some work done,when I go to log on to my browser and am instructed to activate my new equipment before I will be able to continue on line. Ok, that would be great, but it hasn’t been delivered yet. Not to worry, there is a page for that and I proceed to give them my log in info, and password to activate my account and boom, I get redirected to call a phone number, because my user name and password isn’t working. I’m still ok at this point and assure my wife, just a small glitch, remedy soon to follow.

But of course this is not to be. I am on the automated system, to which I must reply to all the prompts, or I will never get to talk to a humanoid ever. So I do. When I get to the part where she says” give a brief description of your issue” I do and she says “ that’s not correct and would I give another brief description, and I comply. And she says its still a no go. Finally after a long period of silence, she acquiesces and tells me that an agent will be with me soon, and starts playing the most obnoxious music ever and places me on hold. Now I have been on the phone for almost a half and hour, no Internet yet, which they tell me I can use instead of the phone for better results should I so desire. Seriously?

Now I get to an agent, I explain to her that my internet has been disrupted because I have to activate the new equipment that I ordered but do not have, so activation is impossible and how do I get my internet back on in my home. She instructs me to comply with the instructions for activation on my screen, which is when I tell her I have and it finally instructed me to call her for help, which I did. She wants to know if the new equipment is turned on and I tell her again, that I don’t have the new equipment yet, so turning it on won’t work. So she says she will have to put me on hold while she sends a signal to my cable box. I am 45 min into the process on a Sat eve. She comes back on and has me go thru the whole process again, which I do with the same results. She says she will have to transfer me to another dept., the activation dept., to assist me. I inform her I have nothing to activate, but she is relentless pursuit of a solution for the equipment that I don’t have and the fact that I don’t have the equipment will not deter her because in her system it was delivered, so I must have it. I just don’t know it. Silly me. On we march.

Now after being put on hold again, I get another agent, who promptly puts me thru another verification process, activation process for the same equipment that I don’t have. I’m an hour and ten minutes into this process and I can’t get anyone to admit that I don’t have the equipment in my possession. Now can you guess what happens next? 1hr 10 min into this and 3 verifications of my account, numerous attempts to activate equipment I don’t have, frustration level at def. con 5, they drop the call. So now I have no agent, no new equipment, no Internet, can’t finish my work, and I’m pissed. So I call back. The first thing I do after going thru the computer generated voice prompts for an additional 10 min is have the agent I am speaking with write down my phone number so he can call me back should we be disconnected again. Of course they had my phone number before, because you have to give it to them to verify the number associated with your account, but that light bulb never gets illuminated. So now, an hour and a half I’m into this and we are moving on to new ground. We are resetting my modem, after finally convincing someone that I have no new equipment to activate. So we are finally getting around to restoring my Internet. So the new guy conferences in someone to assist, and she is rather indignant about it and states that she can only spend 10 min on assistance and she will have to move on per her operating protocol. Interesting, I have spent going on 2 hrs. trying to get someone to fix their companies screw up, and she is giving me 10 min before she will abort her attempt to assist. How refreshing is that.

Well, not to keep kicking this obvious dead horse, you see the issue’s I have with these companies that use automated systems and their inability to comprehend the obvious. Drives me nuts. At any rate, after two and one half hours on the phone, 4 different agents, 3 different departments, they finally got it that I didn’t have the equipment, and the equipment that I didn’t have, didn’t need to be activated and they finally restored my internet. Wow. I get thanked for my patience, praised for my cooperation, and thanked for my business, of which I feel I have been the recipient, you know, “getting the business”, and asked if there is anything else they can help me with today. To which I reply I am fine, they have done quite enough already, because they have beat me down, I quit, give up, throw in the towel, surrender, and will do anything to get off the phone with these people.

So, by now my wife has gone to bed, I’m wired up like an eight day clock, and sleep is not in the cards and so I get back on my computer and you guessed it. When I go to log on to my browser page, guess what I see. We are right back at the beginning. And if that is not the coup de grace, two days later the new equipment that I ordered gets delivered. So now I’m find myself wondering if I really want to chance hooking up this mythical equipment, and really trying to activate it, or just chuck it. Haven’t decided yet, still mulling it over. Oh and one more thing, my bill increased the day they thought they had delivered it. Is going back into the auto system about the bogus charges, a new can of worms that I really want to open. I think not.