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Where Cajun Food Rules – Shuck & Dive

1 April 2016

Anyone who knows me at all will tell you that I love good food, a great dining experience. Hell I think that eating out at great restaurants or pubs should be an Olympic sport. Great pubs should have three major components that make them successful.

  1. They food they specialize in, if they do, should just simply knock your socks off, make your toes curl up and make you want to finish the whole thing even though you were full 5 bites ago.
  2. The atmosphere should be real. If there is a theme to the room, it should be authentic and genuine.
  3. The service staff and mgmt. team should really love to be there, love their job and love to take good care of their clients.

thumb_IMG_3362_1024Well, I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to find this place called Shuck & Dive, but I am so glad we stumble upon it. It is located in a fairly obscure strip mall located on Federal Highway that houses a Winn Dixie and an assortment of other obligatory residents of every other strip mall in the world, but having Shuck & Dive there sets this place apart.

Cajun food is the order of the day and if you really love authentic Cajun Cuisine then look no further. It’s been around Ft Lauderdale for 17+ years and after one visit you will see why. Since we have been going there for the last 6 months, I can honestly say I have not had a bad or even mediocre meal and the service is outstanding. Its just beer and wine, but a good selection of both, at modest reasonable prices. They serve the best oysters in Ft Lauderdale IMO, and on Wednesday nights, get there early, or the wait can be a bit to get in on $1 oysters. Not only on the half shell, but almost any way you would like them, Rockefeller, Bienville, they are just the best.
We are working our way thru the menu, but I gotta tell you its tough, because when you order something that’s really good, the next time you go in, you have a tendency to order it again. Fried Shrimp, the best I’ve had, a fried Chicken Sandwich that you simply won’t believe, great burgers, and on Thursdays for the Jambalaya. Which if you don’t get there early enough, they run out and you’ll have to wait until next Thursday. But it’s worth it.

thumb_IMG_3366_1024The ambiance of the place is strictly Cajun. From the music that they play, to the wall décor, to the Saints playing on the telly during the NFL season. It’s all about the Louisiana way.

The staff is simply the best, Ray and Jay behind the bar, and I’m not making that up. They all work together as a team, and give you outstanding service. It’s true that you are a stranger there but once. They have staff that have been with them since the beginning and that has to tell you something about the owner’s, who we have met and are the best. They are elbow to elbow with all of their staff, busting their butt’s right along side of them. Every staff member helps out their fellow staff as they are all working as a cohesive team and that is really something in this day and age. They are truly outstanding.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy finding gems such as Shuck & Dive. It doesn’t happen that often, but we are certainly over the top with this little place. Love it to the moon and back. Keep it up guys, and congrats on a job well done. Check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Till next time