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Below Deck

How I came to be on Below Deck

First of all, as we are already on Season 3 of the series, let me thank everyone who has tuned in and supported us on TV and social media. My heartfelt thanks; I know you have hundreds of options, but thanks for choosing us. Also a big thanks to the creators of the show, Doug and Rebecca Henning, Bravo and the producers who believed in the project and made it what it is now. Thank you all.

Now, let me tell you how this all happened. Originally I was not part of the original cast. That’s why if you saw season 1 you’ll notice I’m not in any of the promos, or any of the cast pictures or shown at the beginning of the credits. Why you ask, its because I wasn’t supposed to be there. I arrived there by accident.

I was the Captain on the yacht that they chartered for the series. My boss, the owner of the yacht came to me and said, we have an 8-week charter and they are going to shoot a TV series on board, you have to go along and make sure they take care of my interests. They have their own crew, so you just have to oversee things to make sure my interests are protected. I’m thinking, great, 8 weeks paid and I just have to observe and report. Cool, but through a series of events they couldn’t use the Captain that they hired. They were running out of time to get everything together so they approached me to see how I felt about being on TV. Well, my boss indicated to me that I would feel just fine being on TV and of course I agreed and the rest as they say is history. What a turn of events to say the least.

Since then I have been invited to do a couple of Reunion shows with Andy Cohen of Bravo fame. What a great host he is and so easy to get along with. It’s really intriguing to see how all of this is done and how it all gets put together. Its quite a process that I have had the privilege of experiencing. I’m sure there are more opportunities down the road and can’t wait to find out what they may be.

We are starting Season 3 this year, and there are plans to do a Below Deck Med season as well. This season will premier on August 25th on Bravo at 9pm est. I hope that you all will tune in and let me know what you think of this years episodes.

Thanks again for all your support, hope you like what we have put together.

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