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Below Deck S6 Episode #8

21 November 2018

Ok Kids, I’m baaaaaaack.  You guys asked for it so for the both of you here it is. Just kidding.  Happy to be blogging again. Tell me that Tahiti is just not one of the most stunning places on earth. Our Director of Photography Laurent, and his crew did such an amazing job, can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. Now down to business. This 2nd half of this charter didn’t go as I had envisioned it. But the line of the night, and tonight there are two of them but only one gets reveled now, and that was by Master Pearson, “ Suns out, Guns out” Well done Master Pearson.

I’m going to start with Kate first. You performed flawlessly. I thought you worked as hard if not harder than I have ever seen, with minimal assistance. Josiah excepted. And you had the other line of the night, when Chandler stated that you had spoken disrespectfully to him twice that night and you informed him it was much more than that. I about fell out on that one.  Great delivery, so calm and matter of factly. Now, to the point that you were not left anyone to help break down.  Ashton asked Chandler if they were going to help take anything back and Chandler said no just leave it all there. My bad on that, for assuming that Chandler would use his common sense and leave you some help. I should have known better and saw to it that you had some assistance. My fault.  It didn’t take three people to bring back two boats. I thought you were respectful and sympathetic with Caroline, but I think that is a situation that isn’t going away anytime soon, but perhaps another approach may be needed.

Caroline, I don’t know what to say about your performance. I thought that once your foot was healed that things would get better, but I can see that it’s not the case. The orange juice should have been the first thing that you did when you got up and if there wasn’t time then you should have gotten up earlier or checked the supplies the night before you went down so you would know. And the drinks were just a Bloody Mary, and a guava pellini. Neither one is that complicated. 4 charters in and those should be easy for you. The glass on the aft deck should have been a priority but obviously wasn’t.  These are little things that are easily corrected, but will not be I fear after watching the previews. IMO, Kate has been patient with you and was speaking in your defense when you walked in on her and Josiah, but you seem to me to be the biggest hindrance to your own success. This may not be the best match for you as a career choice.

Ashton, you had a solid performance this week. Head down, work done, in spite of less than optimal conditions.  I was glad to see you speak your mind to Chandler, but I could see by his eyes that he was formulating a response rather than listen to what you actually had to say. All in all a good week for you. Keep it up sir.

Ross, well done this week as well. Nice way to take charge and send Rhylee to bed and diffuse the about to boil over situation between her and Chandler. Smart move on your part and way to step up. You are not having an easy time of it, but I do respect the fact that you are aware that I am not blind, and I will deal with things as I can as dictated by time and circumstances.  4000 miles from anywhere close makes some things not easy to do. Well done this week.

Which brings us to Rhylee. I know that you are frustrated; I also know that you have a short fuse.  As a Captain, you should have realized that it would serve no purpose for me to call out Chandler during the tip meeting for no other reason than to embarrass him.  That is not what good leaders do and would have done nothing except further exacerbate the situation that already doesn’t appear to be getting better. Part of that frustration is because of the way you have been treated. I know that. What you need to do is realize that it is not your place to put Chandler in his. You had a good week this week except for your inability to control your mouth and your temper. You need to have a little faith in me that I am aware and I will deal with it as circumstances and timing allow me to. It’s not just that easy given our location. Everyone sees what you are dealing with, but you don’t help yourself when you go out of control. He will, as demonstrated, never listen to you, and you should know that by now, so you should stop trying to force him to and let me deal with it and have a little faith that I know what I’m doing. Will it be uncomfortable for you, yup, but patience is something that will keep you out of more trouble than it will ever get you in.

So let get on to Chandler. You have had freedom to manage and work your crew however you chose. But that is obviously not working for you. Why do you suppose that you are apologizing to almost everyone a lot? Do you not see that it’s because of all the mistakes that you are committing. You want to leave the boat first thing in the am to setup the beach dinner, but what are the guests to do all day while you’re doing that? No toys out, no activities for them to stay occupied while your doing the beach runs. Planning is what is not happening here and that is part of your job. After the meeting in the wheelhouse, your first response is to communicate to your crew is how this is making you look.  Well here’s a news flash, they didn’t do that to you, and you did it to yourself. It really pissed you off when you had to answer to Kate for a few hours after the beach dinner.  And you tell her that you’ll get to a task when you can. And why when we needed to go get the guests from the dock, didn’t you take the lead on that. Isn’t that what leaders do. The leftover roast pork, you were asked to find some containers to put it in to preserve it, but you just arbitrarily override that instruction and throw it away. Oh I get it, pissed because you didn’t get your ice cream on time. Time to suck it up cream puff. You don’t always get what you want, when you want it, just because you want it. I’m surprised I didn’t see a hissy fit thrown. This is wearing thin. A shame to see such talent wasted sir.

Josiah, you had a great week as well. Maintained composure, worked hard, and gave everyone else a hand without even being asked. You are the epitome of a team player and I find that refreshing.  Well done with the children. Small ones on a charter can be challenging to say the least and you handle it well.

Chef Adrian, way to rebound after that first meal.  Agreed it wasn’t your best, but everyone deserves a pass now and then. No one bats 1000 but you recovered very well. Still very impressive.

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