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Below Deck S6 Episode #15

23 January 2019

Well, we are almost at the end of another season, this is the next to last charter and we have the 1st part of the last charter on this episode as well. So it is a fun filled segment. Wow, we just seem to be accident-prone this season. The guys with the Jet Ski’s, do ya think they got the message. We’ve all seen how quickly things can spiral out of control. That’s why I was so pissed. Fortunately, no one got hurt and I do believe they got my message. Clearly! We also had a group of ladies on board this week. My, my, my.  I thought I was going to have to call Miss Patricia from Southern Charm up to give these girls a lesson in etiquette. Not that it would have helped, but one can always hope. Did she really say when she was walking down the dock that she hadn’t worn underwear for 3 days? TMI for me, I could’ve gone a long time without knowing that. This is not what I envisioned for the last charter at all. But lets check in with the crew and see how they all fared this week.

My, but watching the interior crew function like they have really makes me feel good. They are getting along. When being the early person up for some demanding guests, Laura didn’t loose her stuff, didn’t complain, just calmly went about getting the work done. And Kate, when she got up and checked with Laura to see how things were going the first thing she says is “ How can I help you Laura “. I just love it. Everyone is getting breaks, enough rest, for the most part, and getting the work done properly. Josiah is still performing at the top level that he started at so what is not to like. Everyone deserves a pat on the back, because there is nothing about these last two charters that was or will be easy. I know that you guys are definitely looking forward to the back of the head day. I’m proud of Kate and all of you. Well done.

Ross, your deck crew is doing well. It was touching to see you interact with your family and I hope that you get what you are looking for with them soon.  Your crew is functioning well and that is a credit to you. Good job.

Ashton, you seemed to have calmed down just a bit. It seems to be working well for you. Especially where Laura is concerned. You two seem to be getting on well, now just don’t muck it up and you should be good.  I thought I was back in High School when Rhylee told you she heard that Laura kissed you, Oh Golly Gee. I about fell out of my chair. Was that a real discussion? At any rate, glad you two are getting on well.

And keep doing the good job on deck that you are.

Tyler, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why you were digging yourself such a hole with Rhylee. You have just made one screw up after another. I mean, when Josiah asks you if you loved her, did you not think before you blurted out Yes? Then only to retract it when Kate put it over the radio. You didn’t think that she would hear you or hear about it. Wow. You definitely need some more experience with the ladies my boy. You started digging that hole for your self and never quit.  So your proper response when asked whether you loved her or not should have been, I don’t know, way too early to tell. Would have saved you a lot of grief. So now, lets move on to the date. You really did make a date to dump her. She gets all giddy because you asked her on a date, and then you say, “if we’re ever in the same town again and hook up, Rad”.  And then you think that she is going to go back to being the booty call that you are treating her like. Some day, somewhere, sometime, a girl is going to do the same thing to you and that’s when the light will go on, I hope. I think you should have been more up front with her earlier than you were, so there were no expectations of you “just going back to banging”, after all, what’s wrong with that? Can’t believe you said that either. There seems to be only one head that you are thinking with here, and it isn’t the one attached to your neck. Wishing you luck sir, you are really going to need it. On the work front, I have no problems with you at all; you do great work, show up, and do more than you have to. Great on that end. Well done.

Rhylee, I can’t believe that you said “I don’t know what I should do with him” ref Tyler. What you should do with him is Fuggaddaboutit. Sorry if this is blunt, but he appeared to me to be interested in only one thing and when he got what he wanted, he was quickly moving on as soon as he perceived you moving too quickly. You and he were definitely not on the same page. I felt bad for you. You opened up too quickly and got hurt because of it. I did feel good that you confronted him about it and did so in a very adult manner with your emotions under control. Well done. You two were never on the same frequency. And I really felt bad that you thought what was going to be a romantic date, was a dump date instead. Better to happen earlier than later and I thought even though you were hurt you dealt with it well. And you didn’t let it interfere with your work at all. That was commendable on your part.

Chef, you had a few speed bumps it appears, but that is to be expected this late in a very difficult season. And I do mean minor speed bumps. Wasn’t an easy season at all. But your food and presentations were, as usual, setting the bar. I do feel that your comments with Laura were out of place.  That being said, I also feel had she said something to you earlier, as you stated, you would have stopped immediately. Too bad she didn’t.

Well, there you have it peeps. My take on the next to the last episode of the season. It has gone by so fast. It seems like we just landed in Tahiti and now we are going to embark on the last charter of the season. My book, Running Against The Tide, is still available on my website, along with some fun type T-Shirts. That’s Thecaptlee.com. Also on the 28th and 29th I will be in Tulsa OK for the Tulsa Boat and Travel show. We will be taking pics, signing books & T-Shirts and just having a good time in general. So if you’re in that part of the country, stop by and say hi. I’m looking forward to it, and its right around the corner. So until next time, Fair Winds and Following Seas my friends. Be safe out there.

Capt Lee