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Below Deck S6 Episode #13

9 January 2019

Wow, we are back with a bang. That’s a figure of speech people. I hope everyone has had the best Holiday Season ever. I hope everyone’s New Year is everything that they need and want and nothing that they don’t.  What an episode tonight. I think that this is the first time that I have seen an episode where one of the primaries did not say one word thru the whole episode. He just kind of looked and nodded.  Just saying.  And how about Tahiti? I don’t know if I could ever get enough of this place. It is magical. So lets get down to it.

We have a new 3rd stew on board Laura. And you would think that there would be a honeymoon period of more than we saw, but not to be. She purported herself to be self-sufficient and not in need of direction. Uhh, didn’t quite work out that way and the sh**t hit the fan early on in this charter. I have to say when you confronted Kate about her checking your work, the only thing humiliating you was yourself. I’m just an old truth teller. You came off looking incompetent and petty. You threw your stew cred’s out there as impeccable and came up short. Your fault, no one else’s. The thing with my mic wasn’t plugged in, rookie mistake.  I don’t know who you thought you were working for or with, but I will give you credit when we had our discussion on the bridge, you owned up and told me that you were going to get it done properly.  And thru the rest of the charter, I thought you acquitted yourself nicely. I also thought that you handled Kate’s little jab at you very well and I might have even considered that a turning point.  All in all, from where it started and to where it is now, I think you had a much better finish than you did a start. I would love to see that continue as I do think you could be a huge asset, especially in the closing charters. Those are the most difficult.  All in all, a good week for you.

Kate, you had another stellar week in my assessment of things. I thought you dealt with Laura in a calm fashion, more so than I would have had she talked to me the way she spoke to you. I was also glad that you didn’t give me an ultimatum, as we both know how I deal with those. I was genuinely glad that you talked with me about options, 3 to be exact and you agreed with me that having a chat with her first should be the first on exercised. I hope that it works, and only time will tell. Didn’t Jimmy Buffett write a song about that? At any rate another great week, 20k is a great tip and we can see the light. Well handled.

Josiah, what can I say? You are just steady and constant, as I have come to expect you to be. Handled yourself with class, culture and dignity as usual. Well, don’t sir. Your Adriane in the galley was priceless. And that was on top of having a bad hair day. It was spot on.

Lets move on to Rhylee. This girl is going to be the death of me. What I am seeing as opposed to what I thought was happening could not be more different. What are you thinking when you talk to your boss and say STFU while I’m speaking? That is not acceptable in any situation. You were so far out of your lane it’s unbelievable. But Ross still let you slide. And speaking of that, Ross tossed it out there and said to you and Tyler, has anyone had experience dropping anchor? And you were mute. Tyler stepped in and said no but he would like to learn. You didn’t say a word and then dumped on Ross later. Bad move. If you wanted some time on the anchor, then that was the time to speak up as Tyler did. And I was a bit curious as to the advice you gave to Laura. You calling Kate bitchy seemed a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. She gave you good advice, which to your credit, you tried, but failed to follow thru on. You just can’t seem to get past it. She tried to tell you that you have nothing to prove, let everyone else deal with the bullshit. But you went right back at it with Ross. I was impressed with the scene in your quarters when you admitted that you could be part of the problem. That’s a great start. I still have hope for you, as your up side is huge, if you ever get out of your own way. No one is there but you. You control your future, and if done properly, I see a very bright one.. I hope.

Adriane, another good week. Great job in the galley, and good job dealing with a guest that may have given you a bit of angst. We got thru it and as usual you were outstanding. One point though, I personally thought that you did not do the best for Laura by putting negative thoughts in her head by talking about Ashton’s past escapades. I didn’t think it was your place in doing that. Their relationship was not of the serious nature that called for that input. Just my thoughts. But a great week for you sir.

Ross, you had a good week as well. I understand your frustration with Rhylee, and also understand that she is a good worker and an asset if she could get out of her own way. I am glad that you are dealing with your dept. on your own and bringing it to me. I am you safety line, not your babysitter. Well done in that respect. I’m not going to start micro managing now or in the future as well. Keep up the good work, and I feel that may be tested next week.

Ashton, who has more fun than you? Not sure if anyone does. I love your attitude.  Loved your sense of humor when Laura made a comment of getting her foot caught in the anchor chain, and she said you should know all about that. You took that well. I’m not going to get into how I think you could have handled your night out better because I think you already know. So keep up the good work, and steady as you go with the proper attitude. Well done.

Tyler, when you are 75, you want stories to tell. Something tells me that will not be an issue. You have done a good job on board, and you continue to learn and be an asset. So far it’s a pleasure to work with you.  You and Rhylee seemed to have found common ground; I think that is good for both of you. Keep on keeping on.

Ok, that is my take on things this week peeps. Hope you all enjoyed this episode. It’s always good to be back after a brief hiatus. We will have 3 more after this and then……… hell, I don’t know. Remember you can still get Running Against The Tide, a signed copy on my website Thecaptlee.com and we have some Capt Leeisms on some T-Shirts you may like as well. So until next week. Fair winds and following seas. All the best.

Capt Lee