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Below Deck S6 Episode #11

12 December 2018

Well, from the response we have had, this is the episode that you all have been waiting for. And I for one was not disappointed. This one had it all. Near death experience, crewmates not getting on with each other, guests that need a beginners course in etiquette, and unneeded sass from the 3rd stew and 3rd deckhand. We also had breathtaking view for days that were absolutely stunning. Tahiti is a truly magical place. So, we should get this party started.  One more thing before we start though, I would like to apologize for the rudeness of some of our guests on board. There was no need to make such a condescending remark about chicken and what class of people consumes it and who it should be served to.  A simple “I prefer not to have chicken”, would have worked just fine. Someone needs an etiquette lesson, but that’s just my opinion.

Let’s get right into Ashton’s accident. To those of you who didn’t understand what happened. We have the towline coiled up on the aft deck, the swim platform. After we release the tender, it slides back as the big boat moves forward and it pays out the towline from the coiled up line. What Ashton did, and I don’t know why he did it, was step in the center of the coil with one foot, and before he could pull his foot out, the line that was paying out got him and drug him into the water. He knew better, but made a bad mistake that almost killed him. Now the line that was wrapped around his ankle was specter, so there is no give in it. As the tender is paying out, I am moving the big boat forward. All I heard was one barely audible “Man overboard”, and then I didn’t have any more radio contact until it was over. Which is why radios and listening is so critical.  I immediately took the boat out of gear, and had someone told me exactly where Ashton was, I could have put the boat in reverse, and stopped any further tension. The reason I didn’t was I had no idea where he was in relationship to the props, and I didn’t want to risk backing down over him and killing him instantly. So consequently, we were still coasting forward and until I knew exactly where he was, all I could do was wait. Three things had to happen to save him and they did. First off, Rhylee saying man overboard which fortunately I heard. Well done Rhylee. The second thing was taking the boat out of gear, and the third was Brent the camera man dropped his camera and was able to release the tow line relieving the line on Ashton of any tension.  Well done Brent. If any one of those three things doesn’t happen, we have a very different outcome. We have the worst-case scenario. But, the three things did happen and Ashton is alive and well, and we all learned from it. We were ecstatic to have Ashton back aboard and safe to say the least.

Let’s get to Laura. I find a few things so incredible that you did, I really don’t know what to say. You said while in Ashton’s quarters that there were a lot of corners being cut around here on this boat, like it had something to do with his accident. Ashton’s injury and near death experience was self-inflicted and he knows and acknowledges that. So where do you get off passing judgment after being on board two days. Should we judge you on your first two days performance? Would that be fair? This coming from someone who doesn’t even give the guests water at night when she does the turn downs.  Drops and breaks 7 champagne flutes because she shut the cabinet door on the napkin but blames it on someone not ironing the napkin. What? You didn’t notice that it when you put it on the tray. Doesn’t do the second bed, because she’s not sure anyone is sleeping in it, or leave soiled towels on the floor in the same stateroom. And then you have the unmitigated gall to utter the comment “the bar isn’t set too high on this boat”. If you are going to talk the talk than you had better be able to walk the walk, and so far I’m not seeing it. And you want positive feedback? Well my dear you get that for a job well done, not just for showing up. You appear to be overly critical and condescending so far without any justification to be that way. Maybe you should take a step back and breathe before you let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash.  Better to have people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm it. I see talent going unused, and a rhetoric that I hope gets dialed back before I need to get involved.

Ross, you had a couple of errors in judgment this trip. I understand how Rhylee can get to you. But you need to calm down before speaking with her because she is a master at pushing buttons to try and make herself look and or feel better. You didn’t fully explain exactly that you didn’t want her on the swim platform at all, not just behind the tow lines, even though she should have come to that conclusion on her own, she uses the excuse that she “did exactly what you said”. While that was true, she knew better and was just jerking your chain, and you went for it. But you did rebound and got it set straight with her, for now. Not sure the truce will hold long though, before she goes off again on I don’t know. I know this trip was hard on you, as it was on us all and way to pull together a man down and get it all done. Good job overall.

Rhylee, you just can’t seem to keep your mouth shut and insist on jerking someone’s chain.  You didn’t seem to have any issues with Ross before he became Bosun, so am I to conclude that you only have issues with authority figures. Can’t figure that out for the life of me. You are so talented but so confrontational all at the same time. Your arrogance is appalling. If you wanted to be called up early, there is an app on your phone that’s called an alarm. You should use it. Whose job is it to see that you get out of bed?  You need to figure out that the world is not your enemy, everything said to you isn’t an insult or sexist, but will seem that way if your attitude doesn’t improve. Good job on calling out man overboard on the radio, one of the three things that helped save Ashton’s life. People were saying man overboard, but you were the only one that said it on the radio where I could hear it. So important. You should be proud. During the meeting in the sky lounge, I think that’s the only time I’ve seen you speechless. I saw a softer side of you I wish we would see more often. It becomes you. Well done. I really hope you come around, I hate to see someone with your talent and ability not utilize it to the fullest. You have so much potential. We will see what happens.

Kate, you had another good week. I fear you have your hands full with Laura. You are correct, she doesn’t know enough about this yacht to be spouting off so early in her tenure with us. I hope this works out, but right now I’m not overly optimistic. I hope I’m wrong, will not be the first time.  You and Josiah handled this charter very well and you both are to be complimented.

Chef, I saw nothing wrong with the chicken presentation, maybe you should have called it something more exotic instead of chicken and they would have been impressed. Not sure but you seemed to have recovered from it nicely. Well done on this charter. Good advice to Laura when you told her she is 3rd stew, and with that comes bitch work and mouth shut. We will wait and see if that advice takes hold. I hope it does, as I think she has a lot to offer, but maybe trying to impress to hard. You had another good week.

Tyler, you are as steady as the day is long. Good job this week. Took instruction well, did what was asked of you without complaints or drama. You are a pleasure to be around. I feel confident that you will show steady improvement and continue to be an asset.

So, there you have it. Quite a week to say the least. As always these opinions are my own, my own thoughts as I see it. Not everyone is going to view it the same.  I get that and I appreciate all of the support for the show. Thank you all so very much. Still time to get those T-shirts and signed copies of “Running Against The Tide” for Christmas. Until next time, be safe out there, as we saw this week, a split second can make all the difference. Fair winds and following seas.