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Below Deck S6 Episode #10

7 December 2018

Ok guys, you are getting this later than usual because I spent Tuesday as you know in New York doing Watch What Happens Live with the one and only Andy Cohen. Had a great time. Spent Wednesday traveling so just getting my blog out now. Next weeks blog will be on time, I promise, now lets get to it.

Down two crew and were getting a new deckie and a new interior person. Laura is the new Stew, seems to have enough experience. I think that she might want to get to know her crew mates before she starts criticizing the boat, the way things are done, how things look, and just about everything else. I think she should be making friends instead of dishing snark and talking smack. And I’m not sure what that comment meant, “I don’t drink, but when I do, I do.” I love it when someone has a flair for the obvious. But its way early in the game, and I hope she works out. Definitely has the talent.

Rhylee, wow, is about all I can say. The part of you that is telling you not to speak to your boss that way, you should listen to it. Had I heard you telling Ross, “GOT IT” you would have gotten it. A plane ticket out of here. What are you thinking, he’s been nothing but nice to you and this is how you act. And then you tell him rudely that “you have things to do so he should hurry up”. You do have things to do, among them are just what you are told to do and lose the attitude and the snide sarcasm. It doesn’t look very good on you. You wonder why the crew doesn’t want to be around you, well, that’s it. You need to look in the mirror and get an honest assessment or you will continue to be alone. You have so much potential, but you need to get out of your own way. Just trying to help. This ain’t Alaska Toto.

Tyler, way too early in the game to make any assessments on you, but from what I’ve seen so far you will be just fine. Seem to have a good work ethic and attitude. Those traits will serve you well on this boat.

Josiah, what a trooper you have been. I know its very hard and the way you are handling everything is very admirable. You have had a spectacular week sir. Keep the good times coming. Well done.

Chef, I know this is redundant but you continue to amaze me with your talent and creativity. Another charter well done. You are a definite plus to this crew and were happy to have you aboard.

Kate, your performance this week was simply the best. You handle every situation properly, efficiently and I didn’t hear one complaint from your crew about the extra work. Thanks for all you do. It makes my job so much easier.

Ashton, what can I say. Another strong performance and you are also a pleasure to have aboard. Things were going along so well until they weren’t, right? But we will leave that for next week. Great work, good sense of humor, enjoy having you aboard.

Ross, you are stepping into your new position quite well. It does appear that you have your hands full with Rhylee, but I have faith that you will turn that situation around in your favor for sure. You get on well with your crew and it shows when they put out the amount of work while a man down. Great week for you, keep it up sir.

Well that’s about it for this week sports fans. Sorry it’s a wee bit brief this week but we will be back to normal next week I promise. Just a note, you can get the T-shirts as well as a signed copy of my book, Running Against The Tide in time for Christmas. Just go to my website, Thecaptlee.com and place your order. Thanks for putting up with my tardiness this week. And FYI, we all saw what happened at the end of this weeks episode, it only takes a split second for things to go pear shaped so be safe out there please. Until next time Fair winds and following seas to all.

Capt Lee